Summer Camp and Puppy Academy Now in Session!
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      PLAY + LEARN + GROW!

      The Academy: $100/day ($75 Playcare + $25 Private Tutoring) (10% off for 3-5 days a week).

      Our Academy motto is Play + Learn + Grow! Our Academy is for the junior adventurers that still have a lot of learning and growing to do before they graduate to Camp and go on our Hikes. They have a very structured day that includes a lot of one on one coaching with socialization, reading and respecting body language, proper play, loose leash walking, recall etc. Depending on the dog's age and development, we work out the best plan for them to thrive using R+ and Force Free methods. 

      Each dog gets ongoing specialty coaching and support from our Academy and Adventure Guides and Private Tutoring sessions with our Trainers and Guides. Your dog will go through a three level program, moving through an in depth skill rubric starting with one on one sessions in their Academy day.  Pups then graduate into small groups of 2-4 dogs to go on specialty training adventures starting with local fenced in parks like Coronation or Stanley parks to build their skills before moving up to the third level of the Academy where their wilderness skills are worked on at the beach and forest before graduating to being full on Campers and join the big Hikes. Each dog is different and gradating to Camp could take a varying length of time depending on each dog's needs and development level.

      The best part is, The Academy graduates automatically hold a spot in Camp + Hikes for their current and following semester, no need to wait!

      *Depending on age, Puppy Coaching sessions may be required prior to their start of The Academy.

      *Dogs that require more one on one support may need require additional resources and fees depending on the needs.