Summer Camp and Puppy Academy Now in Session!
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      Welcome to life, Unleashed! 
      We are an R+ and force free Day School + Camp for dogs. 
      Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our dogs through community, enrichment, education and exploration.
      Outdoor recreation and education are a big part of our philosophy. 

      We are Toronto's first and only low stress dog daycare and hiking service with a training program built right in. Through all of our services and programs, we are dedicated to helping our Unleashed pups become well socialized and educated dogs that are happy, relaxed, polite and confident. We build our programs in a way that allows for routine for our dogs with their "packs" of friends and their Adventure Guides, in order for them to progress through our 3 level program and graduate successfully! 

      Our thinking goes a little like this...when our dogs all know and understand the expectations we ask of them, and when we understand our individual dogs and how to provide for their welfare needs, that's when they are able to play and relax together, expand their world by making new friends, explore stimulating and enriching environments and have so much more fun together! This is what we believe makes for a very happy dog and sets our dogs up with the skills for a wonderful life both at home with you, and in the wilderness!

      We are so excited you have chosen to live life Unleashed!