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      A fully custom program designed to offer you, the human, in-depth instruction, support and feedback in training foundational skills and fostering a healthy relationship with your dog. 

      These are 1:1 in-person or virtual sessions with a certified dog trainer on the basics of how dogs learn and how to apply force-free training concepts within your home in simple, practical and realistic ways.

      Together, we’ll review your personal goals, lifestyle and home layout to create and implement an effective training plan for your pup. We’ll teach you what to look for, how to achieve it, and support you in every step of the way.

      An example of some of the topics we can cover are: 
      -emergency recall
      -loose leash walking
      -emergency u-turns
      -dog park strategies ie/ proper greetings, preventing escalations, proper play, redirecting attention, reading other dogs and humans body language to adjust your plan etc-overall feeling comfortable and confident going to the dog park
      -people coming over
      -life in the city, navigating patios, busy streets etc
      -hiking skills
      -trail skills/manners
      -cooperative care for body handling/ animal husbandry (ie/ paw wiping, teeth cleaning, grooming, ear drops, muzzle training etc) 
      -relaxation protocols
      -settling on mat/blanket
      -crate training
      -leave it
      -drop it
      -fist bump (fun party trick to say hi)
      -building food motivation
      -building play motivation
      -pattern games for offered attention
      -enrichment games
      -ways to train: shaping, luring, capturing
      -knowing when to manage and when to train
      -Once you and your dog learn a skill we will also work to grow it to generalize it to new environments to be able to do it at distance, with distraction and with duration if applicable. 
      -we can also get more advanced and work on sport techniques, preventative care for wellness, more advanced tricks etc.  
      -We also do troubleshooting on specific things that are affecting your life to focus on more behaviours or situations that may not be listed. 
      The first session is 90 minutes all others are 60 minutes.   
      You are welcome to request a 90 minute one again if you'd like (we have done sessions at a secondary home ie/ grandparents house, and that requires more time).

      Speed up your progress!

      Private training sessions are the perfect complement to The Academy and Walk + Train programs.


      Private training

      $185 initial consult, 1.5hr 

      $125 per session, 1hr  

      The first package is a set of 4.  One 90 minute intro session and three 60 minute sessions. 

      Learning is not linear and building new behaviours and skills take time. If you'd like to work on learning and building multiple skills and behaviours, after your first package you can go month to month and do weekly or biweekly sessions for as long as you'd like support. 

      Our goal is to give you the tools (not physical tools, our tools are learning exercises, reading body language, how to set your "ask" and how to build what you like to become stronger while preventing what you don't want to see more of) so that you and your dog are a calm and confident team navigating the world together and having a lot of fun too! 

      In-person and virtual options are available. In-person sessions may be subject to travel fees.

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