Summer Camp and Puppy Academy Now in Session!
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      Camp (Playcare + Hike): $75/day (10% off for 3-5 days a week).

      *All Campers are graduates of The Academy, meaning they have passed all stages of our training model and are safe to explore in nature with their pack of friends and Adventure Guide.

      Camp is a day school for our graduated Campers, with a focus on continuing education from The Academy and outdoor enrichment + recreation in the wilderness. Our Camp days are spent in our Playcare space in addition to the beach or forest as a Hike is part of our curriculum.

      With mentorship and training throughout the day by our Playcare staff and Adventure Guides, our Campers enjoy socializing, learning and playing together in the morning, then it's time for their field trip! We all head to the beach or forest for a Hike to get our dogs out into nature for enrichment and sensory exploration with friends in the afternoon; lots of running, swimming and sniffing included. After the Hike the Campers head back to Playcare for lunch and a rest, followed by more group play and mentorship which provides for a whole day of fun and learning with friends.

      All Camp parents will also have access to our bi-weekly COMMUNITY TALK. 


      How + what is my dog learning while away at Camp?

      -Continuing education from The Academy includes skills like: foundations and manners, loose leash walking, safe play, recall, car behaviour, door manners, proper introductions and more.

      -On Hikes our Adventure Guides put all of our Puppy Academy skills to use and continuously provide mentorship and support to reinforce good behaviour while running Unleashed in the wilderness. This means monitoring and reinforcing things like recall, safe play, drop it's, and introductions with other dogs consistently.

      -Lunch + Rest time is important in creating a schedule and allowing the dogs to settle and recharge. We often feed lunch in puzzles or enrichment toys for even more fun! In our Playcare space dogs learn which areas mean "we're sleepy" and which areas mean "we're good to go!" and we are constantly looking out for those cues to tell us what each individual dog needs.

      -Mentorship and support comes from every single one of our amazing staff and it shows! Our Playcare Staff and Adventure Guides are always looking + listening for every opportunity to reinforce good behaviours and work with others. Whether arriving to Playcare, meeting new friends, getting geared up for a Hike, jumping in and riding in the car, walking loose leash with the pack, running unleashed in the forest, swimming in the lake, practicing taking turns for lunch, settling for a nap, or engaging in more afternoon play... we're on it!