Fall Camp and The Academy are in session! Now accepting applications for the Winter Semester.
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      For our programs, we have a two day a week minimum where each dog has days reserved just for them so they get into a great routine with the rest of our Academy pups, Campers and Adventure Guides. For all of our pups, we require a commitment for each semester (3 month blocks) and it is important that all of our pups show up for their reserved services. The winter semester started December 1st, the spring semester will start March 1st, the summer semester starts June 1st and the autumn semester starts September 1st.

      Things happen- we are still in a global pandemic after all! However we tailor our programs for each group of dogs we work with. All pups will have 2 “no-show” days per semester. Outside of these two days, you will pay your invoice as usual to hold your spot. 

      All spots are reserved per semester regardless of whether your pup is in the Academy or Camp and each reserved spot rolls over into the new semester. So if your dog graduates the Academy early, they already have their Camp spot reserved and waiting for them.

      frequently asked questions

      What are the arrival and departure times?
      Our hours for both The Academy and Camp are 8:30am-4:30pm. Our drop off window in the morning is between 8:30-9:30am. Our pick up window in the afternoon is between 3:30-4:30pm but if you'd like to come earlier that is fine, it will need to be scheduled in advance so we know the time to expect you. 
      Can someone else drop off or pick up my pup?
      Yes, you are welcome to add more people to your authorized list of acting guardians for drop off or pick up. We need to have their name, phone number and email address on file prior to their first time arriving.  
      We will be going on holiday for a week during the semester, how does that work?
      All dogs have reserved spots, so outside of two “days off” per semester, payment continues to hold your spot.  
      Why do I have to have reserved days and pay when my dog is away and not attending services?
      We believe that in order for your dogs to really thrive and make progress, they need routine so they know what to expect. We work hard with each dog’s individual needs and development program which is why we do not accept a revolving door of dogs or occasional requests. All dogs have days reserved for them and their spot is grandfathered into the next semester. If they are an Academy member, their spot in Camp is already reserved for whenever they are ready to graduate. 

      We also believe in paying our Adventure Guides and Trainers fare pay. We care committed to continuing education with our selves as well and pay for our team to attend world class training conferences as well as weekly workshops to keep our skills at the top of our industry.  

      If you would like to take your dog out of the program, please provide two weeks notice prior to the following months bill so that we can fill your space with the next pup on the waitlist. We do not offer refunds. If you choose to take a Semester off, the two week notice prior to the end of the semester still applies.  
      What does my dog need to bring from home?
      Gear: A well fitting Y style harness (that goes up their chest, not across it) with a front and back loading option. 

      They will also need a safety strap that connects to their flat collar or a martingale collar that we can double clip to their harness. A safety strap is preferred. 

      Food: If your dog eats lunch please send it along in a small rubbermaid style container that can be disinfected on arrival and washed before sending it home. We will keep their food in their locker until lunch time. 

      Mat or toys: If your dog is new to the Academy, we do recommend packing a little bag to send along a small mat to lay on and toys that remind them of home in case we need to set up a playpen for them. If your dog is under 5 months of age, this is a requirement. 

      Please note: do not send anything too precious as dogs may opt to share their items and their friends may decide to pee on them. It can happen! 
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